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The importance of recaulking plumbing fixtures

As a homeowner it is quite obvious that you hardly pay any attention to the caulking around your plumbing. But the reality is that caulking around plumbing is always there and it walks behind the scene. The worst thing about caulking is that we do not bother about this caulking unless it goes wrong. It is true that caulking is not something that goes wrong too often but if it goes wrong then we are in a difficult condition.

An important factor that ought to be kept in mind is that it is really important to remove the old caulk from the plumbing fixtures before we even try applying the new caulk. Otherwise, the new caulk will not adhere properly and potentially damaging dirt may get sealed into the joint. Nevertheless, if as a homeowner you are not comfortable removing the old caulk and then applying the new caulk it is better that you get in touch with a professional plumber because he will be able to do it best.


However, due to high usage of tubs and sinks, the caulk that seals the space between the fixture and the wall can deteriorate and crack over time. This can cause gaps in the caulk or cause the fixture to come loose from the wall.

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