Forum Title: Leaky Valve outside the garage
Hello, Hoping to find some help on a two part question... 1. I have the attached pipes in in the picture in my garage and right outside my garage and i have no idea what they go to. I figured the one in the garage is coming from the water main and the one directly outside is going down to the sprinklers? Anyway, the valve on the pipe on the outside of the garage is dripping and it's closed so i was wondering how it could be going to my sprinklers since they do in fact work. 2. Is the leaky valve something i can find a replacement for at Home Depot? I couldn't seem to find one. Any help would be awesome, thanks! FYI - i'm in a two story house. not sure if this matters.
Category: Plumber Post By: TERESA STEWART (Homestead, FL), 05/16/2017

where is it leaking at? is it the from the nut behind the wheel handle? if so, just tighten it a little 1/8 of a turn. its called a packing nut,

- MARCIA MILES (San Angelo, TX), 09/12/2017

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