Forum Title: Plumbing dishwasher away from sink.
Hi I need help with my dish washer. I am remodeling my kitchen and need to know the correct way to set up the plumbing when my dishwasher is not next to the sink. Its going to require its own trap/drain/autovent. It's around the corner from the sink. Someone said run it through the cabinets but my skills are such that this seems like a bad idea since I'd be drilling up my new cabinets. I've searched online but perhaps I am not using the correct terminology to get the results I need. I am going to attach a picture I found that seems to be what I think would be right, but please focus on the only the dishwasher portion. Another side note the plumbing in my hose does not allow for correct ventilation. The vents attach to the basement pipes leaving me with a situation that makes it easier to just install an autovent at each fixture/"first point of decent" as the inspector put it. Thanks for any help.
Category: Plumber Post By: BYRON DANIEL (Jackson, TN), 10/30/2016

There are two codes to follow upc and irc now I believe the Irc is the least favorite and they are the ones that allow cheater vents ... Now the set up would mostly resemble the laundry waste line . Look up on line at how a laundry waste line is installed

- BRANDY CROS (Portland, OR), 09/18/2017

if you're dishwasher is to far away you can add an extension and yes you will have to drill holes in the back of you're cabinets to reach the drain . Unless you have a crawlspace where you can tee off the kitchen drain.and install a p trap . And if you are going to ever use auto vents in you're house . Buy the good ones from a supply house,not no homechepo

- CAROLYN RAMIREZ (Round Rock, TX), 10/08/2017

Yes he told me the cheap black ones aren't code. The 20$ ones are code. I have a full basement so I was going to run all its own plumbing. I'm just curious what the configuration should look like

- DOLORES WONG (Buffalo Grove, IL), 10/08/2017

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